Collaboration project funded up to $20,000 

Win joint Project with Mälarenergi 

Apply by October 22nd ** Closed **

For more than 150 years we at Mälarenergi have developed the society we live in, and we will continue to do so. To meet the future, Mälarenergi is developing new infraservice solutions for a more sustainable society. We are looking for startups and scaleups who are eager to take on our challenges and build the future together with us. 

Challenges/focus areas for your project ideas: 

  • Efficient city

    • ​Society needs to become more efficient. How can Mälarenergi, who is a community builder, contribute to the usage of ”right energy at the right time and place, and with the right quality”.

  • Resource efficiency

    • ​Flows, materials and resources need to circulate longer in society, and be used several more times before it is considered not useful and therefor a residual waste. Turnaround times must be longer, and this applies to all resources.

    • The resources in society must be enough for everyone. Some materials must decrease and some will increase.

    • Recycling of materials and waste are important issues for many, and in this context, plastics in particular. The challenge with plastics, besides the fact that there is far too much plastic in the society, can be described in two main contexts. 
      1# The first is that the residual waste contains plastic fractions and materials of fossil origin, which leads to a negative fossil carbon footprint when it is finally recycled as energy down the waste hierarchy. 
      2# The second is that the recycling of plastics has limitations. Of all plastics that exist in society, quite a lot is collected, but only 30% becomes new products.

  • Flexibility and collaborations

    • ​Flexible energy and effect usage are a key ingridient to contribute to the usage of ”right energy at the right time and place, and with the right quality”, in what way can this be the reality in a resource efficient sustainable city.



  • October 22nd: Final date to send in your application, project pitch and company profile.

  • October 25th: Shortlisted companies will be notified and invited to attend the finals.

  • November 6th: Live Pitch to the judging panel at Aros Congress Center in Västerås, Sweden. 

Mälarenergi Company Presentation. Download

Prize: Project funded up to $20,000

The winner will receive a defined project to be funded by Mälarenergi and launched within 6 months. Additionally, the collaboration will give the winner the opportunity to:

  • Interact with engineers and other experts at Mälarenergi.

  • Access to all the things that are of importance in the project.

  • Have access, work together and collaborate with Mälarenergi and our partners.

  • Participate in events and workshops arranged and decided within the project scope.

  • Increase your visibility and network through visits by the public through media and more.

The Judging Panel Members

Representatives from Mälarenergi, with whom the shortlisted will have a chance to meet, impress and interact with:

Niklas Gunnar, CEO Mälarenergi

Helena Olssen, Strategy Manager, Mälarenergi Power Grid

Ove Fredriksson, Head of Marketing Mälarenergi

Joacim Sundqvist, Energy Strategist Mälarenergi

Ulrika Bäärnhielm, Acting Business Development Manager Mälarenergi


About Mälarenergi AB

Mälarenergi is an infraservice company. Our products and services form the core of several basic functions in the society, such as energy, water and broadband solutions. By always being available to our customers and providing socially, economically and ecologically sustainable offers, we create the right conditions for a growing business and society.

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